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Commercial Driver DUI

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Commercial Driver DUI

Commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driving is a challenging job that calls for substantial knowledge and training. Commercial drivers are held to a higher standard than typical passenger car drivers since they run large vehicles, such 18-wheelers, that frequently transport hazardous commodities.

In Colorado, drivers accused of DUI stand to lose more than any other group of motorists. The CDL will be suspended for a minimum of one year following either an administrative or criminal conviction. Whether you were operating a personal car at the time of your arrest is irrelevant. You will lose your CDL privileges for at least a year if you hold a valid CDL and are found guilty criminally or administratively.

commercial driver dui

Penalties For DUI

The loss of your commercial driver’s license is one of the worst penalties you could receive if you are found guilty of DUI as a professional driver. Depending on whether the infraction is a “major” or “serious” offense, any Colorado driver may lose their CDL temporarily or permanently. DUI would be regarded as serious. Commercial drivers are not allowed to have BACs that are higher than 0.04%, even though the legal limit for passenger car drivers is 0.08%.

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