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Do you require the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend you against felony charges? In the state of Colorado, there are a variety of offenses that are classified as felonies and NOT misdemeanors. These usually involve the use of weapons and/or violent behavior. Whether you were detained for a violent or non-violent crime, it is crucial that you immediately obtain the services of an experienced Colorado criminal defense lawyer.

Do not be scared to choose a determined criminal defense lawyer. Since time is of the essence, as soon as you get in touch with us we will start a thorough investigation into your case, speak with witnesses while their memories are still recent, preserve key evidence, and ensure that your constitutional rights are upheld.

If you don’t have the best firm on your side, you may be in for a lot of trouble if you’re found guilty. You can be sentenced to lengthy periods of jail time, obligatory probation, high fines, and other severe punishments. In addition, you’ll have a permanent criminal record and be regarded as a convicted felon.

In my firm, as soon as I take on a new case, I immediately begin developing defense tactics. I have extensive knowledge and understanding, therefore I know exactly what it takes to defend my clients against criminal charges. I have more than 40 years of experience in this sector. I am an experienced trial lawyer with a track record of success.

Even though you are simply the subject of an inquiry and don’t yet know whether you will be charged, you should always treat a criminal accusation of this caliber seriously. The earlier you contact legal counsel, the better. When you hire my firm, you may be sure that I will do whatever it takes to help you avoid a conviction and a good conclusion.

Expertly Handling a Variety of Criminal Charges

Criminal Law Matters’ Denver criminal defense lawyers have years of experience defending clients against a range of accusations. We have a proven track record of achievement, and our lawyers are commended for their tenacity, determination, and commitment to perfection. Don’t let the court system take advantage of you! Instead, let our knowledgeable Denver criminal defense lawyer team advocate for you.

Having an experienced attorney on your side improves the likelihood that your case will go in your favor and ensures that your rights will be upheld throughout the entire process. Our Denver criminal defense lawyer is ready to stand up for you throughout the entire process.

Learn more about your charges


DUI: If you have been accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, we can assist. The penalties are frequently harsh, ranging from license suspension to large fines to incarceration and its long-term effects. Don't hesitate to get in touch with a defense lawyer because these situations develop swiftly!


Drug Crimes: Whether you have been accused of a crime involving marijuana, using illegal drugs, producing drugs, or trafficking drugs, we will fight to have the accusations against you reduced or dropped. Don't let your case be determined by chance because the punishments for these crimes can be more harsher than necessary.


Felony Defense: Have you been accused of committing a felony? These crimes include stealing, white-collar, vehicular homicide, and other offenses. State prosecutors and judges in Colorado are renowned for their zealous pursuit of these cases. Make sure you have a knowledgeable attorney on your side, like those at the Criminal Law Matters


Gun Crimes: Criminal charges for the unlawful possession of firearms as well as the criminal sale, purchase, or disposal of firearms are something we are experienced in defending clients against. Additionally, our group handles conceal carry cases. You can face severe punishments if found guilty of any of these offences.


Crimes of Theft: The severity of theft accusations depends on the cost of the commodities that are allegedly missing, the use of firearms, and whether any injuries were caused. We represent clients facing charges ranging from petty offenses to felonies!


Traffic Offenses: This field of criminal law is broad and includes everything from failing to report an accident to habitual traffic offenses, DUR, DUI, and driving while your license is suspended or revoked. Charges of hit-and-run for fleeing the scene of an accident that resulted in serious or fatal injuries are also regarded as traffic infractions.


Violent Crimes: These are some of the most serious criminal offenses, and the punishments reflect that. Don't wait to speak with a criminal defense lawyer if you have been accused of assault, battery, arson, manslaughter, attempted murder, or homicide.


White-Collar Crimes: Extortion, fraud, insider trading, bribery, and blackmail are examples of this category. Recently, state and local prosecutors have begun to crack down on these crimes, which is why it's so important to have a lawyer on your side.

Effective Criminal Defense Strategies

Criminal charges can be quite challenging to defend against. The odds are against the accused because police forces and prosecutors have an abundance of tools at their disposal and financial incentives to apprehend and prosecute suspects in their neighborhoods. Because of this, cases are frequently complicated and demand in-depth research from Denver criminal defense attorneys committed to defending defendants’ constitutional rights.

Building a Strong Criminal Defense

Know About Your Rights

You should start by learning as much as you can about your legal rights. The right to keep silent is one of your most crucial liberties. You are protected from being forced to testify against yourself by the Fifth Amendment. If you are contacted by law enforcement or prosecutors who want to interview you, exercise this right. Wait until the courtroom proceedings begin so you can provide your side of the story to the judge and jury.

Do Not Plead Guilty

Many people decide to enter guilty pleas without first attempting to formulate a defense that will preserve their freedom. Avoid making this error! You are not always found guilty just because you are accused of a crime. Invoke your right to silence and keep in mind that admitting guilty would restrict your legal alternatives and might result in punishments you could have avoided. Contact us for FREE Consultation.

Learn About the Charges

It’s critical to comprehend the specifics of the accusations against you. Find out if you are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor, as well as the repercussions if you are found guilty. It will be simpler to develop a defense plan the more information you have regarding the allegations.  Because every criminal case is different, there is no one way to pursue a resolution. There are many choices available.


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