Criminal Lawyer Colorado

Criminal Lawyer Colorado

Violations of Protection Orders: A Precarious Slope for Defendants

The criminal protection order is typically a requirement of the defendant’s bond by judges. In other words, the defendant may face serious repercussions and extra criminal charges if found in violation of the protection order (for example, by sending messages to the protected party or camped out in front of the protected party’s workplace). Contact a Criminal Lawyer Colorado –


For instance, in Colorado, disobeying a protection order is a criminal unto itself. A Class 1 misdemeanor, violating a protective order carries a maximum sentence of 18 months in jail and a maximum fine of $5,000.


What happens if you’re found to have violated a protective order? You’re probably also breaking the conditions of your bail, which is a totally different criminal offense with its own unique set of punishments, usually based on the gravity of the first offence.



Those who disobey a protective order and are later found guilty of the initial crime must serve each term concurrently. In other words, all punishments’ probation and jail terms are totaled up and served in the order they were given. Compared to sentences that can be served consecutively or simultaneously, this is different.



Finally, even if the offender is exonerated of the initial accusation, protection order violation punishments still have to be fulfilled. A motion must be filed with the court in order to change the conditions of the criminal protection order. It requires time and the consent of a judge to complete this official process. Even if the protected party decides to disregard the terms throughout this procedure, the defendant may still face charges for a violation.


Only once the criminal matter has been concluded does a criminal protection order expire? This might entail a very long period, depending on the crime.


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